THAT ORGANIC SALON Terms & Conditions.
We do these specials in good faith for everyone. We want everyone to enjoy themselves and looking Tan-Fastic all year round and don't want it to cost the world doing so, so to be fair to you and us, please read the following conditions carefully...
Please keep your proof of purchase/ certificate cards in a safe place as we will take no responsibility for lost, stolen or expired cards as we have previously had people use stolen or lost cards. All specials are strictly one voucher per person and cannot be shared or be used in conjunction with any other offer. We reserve the right to refuse treatment and void the voucher if you are later than Five (5) minutes for an appointment time without prior warning or do not show for an appointment without 24hrs written notice via Email or Text MSG (This does NOT include Voicemail).
All vouchers/ Stamp Cards must be presented and surrendered prior to treatment. No voucher/ Card - No treatment.
- All vouchers/ Specials purchased through That Organic Salon are VALID for TWELVE (12) MONTHS from the DATE OF PURCHASE. Any unused treatments within the specified time frame will be forfeited. All purchases are non-refundable. All specials are for salon treatment only.
- A Removal Charge applies for the required removal of any previous nail gel/polish prior to application as any Manicure and/or Pedicure Special we run for Manicures or Pedicures (Or as part of a Special) do not include this charge in the Special price, unless is specifically stated as part of the Special. Please refer to our Services & Prices page of this website for removal prices.
- Any Spray Tan Special is for our regular 8Hr Tan ONLY -
- Spray Tan deal/s does not include Disposables or Rapid Tan (1hr,2hr or 4hr). Further chargers apply.
- Spray Tanning Specials are STRICTLY for One (1) coat ONLY. Second coats will incur further charges.
- No make-up is to be worn to any eyelash appointments. A removal charge will apply.
- Refills must be done WITHIN two (2) weeks of initial application. If not, Full Set price is applicable.
- Refills are a maximum of HALF of a Full Set ONLY. Anything more than half a full set will be considered a Full Set application and will be charged accordingly.
- If you come in for an Eyelash Extension appointment with Eyelash Extensions from another salon, we reserve the right to refuse treatment.
- We reserve the right to refuse treatment for any reason we see fit.
- No treatments purchased may be substituted for another treatment or value put towards another treatment.
- The use of lost or stolen cards/ vouchers without prior permission from the card/ voucher holder will be prosecuted and treatment instantly voided. POLICE WILL BE NOTIFIED!!!
- Full (full price) value of any voucher purchased through That Organic Salon must be used on first treatment. As subsequent treatments after initial treatment are considered free.
- If a Special Deal has more than one kind of treatment, please be aware that the use of all treatments on such Special, Deal, Voucher or Certificate in one visit is up to the discretion of That Organic Salon Management. (E.g. If a Special that includes both a Spray Tan & Manicure (Or any other treatment), both/all treatments can only be used by the one person and in one visit only. Or unless otherwise prior written permission granted by That Organic Salon)
- Refunds will not be given if desired date and time is not available unless treatment cannot be done within a reasonable time period.
Reasonable time being (from initial appointment request) - Six (6) weeks for weekdays Monday - Thursday (10am-5pm) and Eight (8) weeks for: Monday - Thursday (5pm-Close), Friday (10am-Close) & Saturday (11am-Close). Excluding Public Holidays & First Two (2) weeks in January.
- Specials may change without notice.
***** AGAIN, PLEASE REMEMBER that all vouchers/ Specials purchased through That Organic Salon are valid for TWELVE (12) MONTHS from the date of purchase unless otherwise stated on the voucher. Any unused treatments within the specified time frame will be forfeited*****
Please note that these abovementioned Terms & Conditions also apply to any Pre Purchased or Donated Gift Certificates. So please make the recipient aware of these Terms & Conditions.
If you are running late to an appointment, that time will be counted towards the time of your treatment. E.g If you are booked in for a 60min Massage and are 20mins late, the Massage time will only be for 40mins. We reserve the right to refuse treatment to anyone running late to an appointment as this directly affects other bookings.
- 24Hr cancellation via Text and/or Email Only.
- If you do not show up for an appointment time without 24Hr notice, your voucher becomes void.                            

- Laser Special Areas include: Shoulders, Back of Neck, Front of Neck, Full Face, Bikini*, Brazilian*, Hands, Feet, Underarms, Buttocks*. (* Bikini, Brazilian, Buttocks - Women Only)
Please always Shave the area/s to be Lasered prior to treatment (we generally recommend the day before). If shaving is required to the area being Lasered by our staff, a sur-charge of $10 per area will apply. One area may not be substituted for another area.
Any area/s chosen for Laser Hair Removal may not be changed throughout the course of the Special purchased. The areas selected at the point of sale are strictly only for those areas for the duration of the treatment sessions. 
Bookings Essential and Subject to Availability.
No special we run is valid in conjunction with any other special or deal. Strictly NO shared treatments.
Balinese Massage techniques used.
Absolutely NO treatment substitutions.

All above mentioned Terms and Conditions apply to any Online Shop purchases made through
Enjoy! :-)