Before & After Care Instructions for Eyelash Extensions, Spray Tans, Laser & IPL Treatments

- Please do not have any products on or around your eyes prior to treatment. It will only need to be removed and will incur a make up removal charge.
- You MUST notify us prior to the treatment if you have previously had a bad reactionto any previous extensions. Or have sensitive eyes, allergies or had an eye infection within the 2 weeks prior to the application appointment as we reserve the right to refuse treatment if we feel that it may cause harm to yourself or other clients.
- Our range of aftercare products are specifically designed to help you get the full benefit of your new extensions, they will help minimise damage to your natural lashes and will also help with the longevity of the extensions.
- Avoid touching or washing the lashes for at least 24hrs after the application.
- Always be gentle when cleansing around the eyes and lashes.
- Avoid any steam (E.g saunas), swimming, and mascara for at least 48hrs after the application.
- Avoid rubbing your eyes!!! Always pat dry.
- Avoid any oil based or waterproof mascara or oil based make up remover as this will dissolve the glue.
- Use only water based- oil free make up remover & products around the lashes area.
- Avoid eyelash curlers, perm or tints on your extensions.
- It is strongly advised that if you experience any kind of irritation after the application of the lashes, NOT TO RUB THE IRRITATED AREA and to contact us as soon as possible to have the lashes removed as rubbing may lead to further irritation and even possible infection.
- You can expect the lashes to last anywhere between 2-4 weeks; depending on how well they are maintained.
- Please note that a Refill is only up to half a Full Set (Maximum). If you notice that nearly half of your extensions have fallen off before a next appointment, please noyify us as soon as possible as anything more than half a full set will be charged at a full set rate.

- It is important that you exfoliate your body before your tan. Especially around the knees, elbows, ankles or wherever the skin may not be as smooth.
- Do not apply moisturiser, make up, perfumes or deoderants as it will hinder the tan application & development process and may result in patchiness and discolouration.
- We strongly recommend you wear as dark and as loose fitting clothing as possible. The rub off does come off the clothing when washed. However, such materials such as satin & leather should NOT be worn!!We generally tell our clients to wear sweat pants and a t-shirt if possible.

- Once applied, you must allow the tan to dry properly.
- Do not wet your skin for at least 2hrs after the tan has been applied. Showering the next morning is usually the best option. It is highly recommended that you do not exercise or sweat between the application and showering period.
- When showering, the excess tan solution will wash off. This is normal and does not affect the development of the tan. It is simply the excess.
- Applying a Tan Extender will help prolong the life of your tan. Keeping the tan looking more even and lasting longer.
- Avoid using all exfoliating products as this will greatly reduce the life of the tan.
If you have any further concerns or queries about these or any other treatment please do not hesitate to contact us on:
Mobile: 0411 672 809 (Text Only) or


- Do not expose your Skin to UV (Sun exposure or the use of Tanning Products) in areas being Treated for a Minimum of Two (2) Weeks Pre and Post Treatment.
- Do not epilate with Waxing, Plucking, Treading or Hair Removal Creams. Please ONLY Shave areas during the course of the Treatment.
- Always CLEAN SMOOTH SHAVE the areas having Laser Hair Removal within 12 Hours Prior to each Treatment Appointment. Sur-charges will apply for unshaven areas.
- No Bleaching Creams, or perfumed products (e.g. Aromatheropy Oils) are to be used 24-48 Hours Prior to each Treatment Appointment.
- Avoid Swimming in Chlorinated Water immediately before and after Treatment.
- Avoid Exfoliating, Microdermabrasion or Peels One (1) Week prior to each Treatment Appointment.
- Avoid wearing tight fitting clothing when attending your Treatment Appointment.
- Keep the areas dry and clean.
- Hydrate the Body by drinking plenty of water.
- Protect the Skin for Sun exposure with suitable clothing and use of a high factor Sun block before first Treatment and between subsequent Treatments.
- Hot and Humid weather conditions can aggravate the Skin in the period immeditaely before and after each Treatment. Avoid Spas, humid environments and hot showers within 24Hrs.
- Laser Treatment can not be used over Tattoos. If you have Tattoos in the areas you are having lasered, we can not go over the Tattoos for Hair Removal Procedures as this will affect the Tattoo e.g. Burning and Pigment Removal) - Although every precaution is taken, no responsibility is taken for Tattoos that may discolour and in some extreme cases, become damaged.
If you have had:
- recently Tanned Skin (active Tan) in the last 14 days. There is a high risk of causing hyper pigmentation therefore waiting a minimum of 2 weeks after Sun exposure is necessary for the skin to heal and reduce risks or side effects of Laser Treatments.
- Waxing, Plucking, Sugaring, Threading, Epilating or Hair Removal removal creams can not be used for 4-6 weeks prior to Laser Hair Removal Treatments. (Due to follicle being removed).
- Anti-inflammatory Skin conditions, e.g. Eczema, active herpes simplex, etc (ast the Treatment site, it may aggravate the condition).
- Skin Cancer or any other Cancer and/or who reports undertaking drug therapy (such as Ducabaxine, Flurouracil, Methotrexate, etc).
- A history of Keloid Scarring.
- Epilepsy (conecutive flashes may induce fits).
- Using St Johns' Wart (Herbal Remedy) in the past 3 Months for depression (owing to photosensitivity).
- Oral Isotretinoin - Roaccutane or Trevino in Retin - A in the past 3-6 Months for the Treatment of Acne or other Dematological conditions.
- Who is Pregnant: Until Periods return and end of Breastfeeding (because hormonal imbalances may reduce Treatement effectiveness).
- Taking Medications for Diabetes (possibility of Photosensitivity or poor wound healing).
- Taking Anti-Coagulant Medications (e.g. for Heart Desease).
- Wearing a Pacemaker.
- Using Hydrocortisone Creams or Topical Medications.
- Has surgical medical pins or plates under the tissue to be treated.
If any of these affect you, a Doctors Certificate will be required for the Treatment to assure safety.
- After your Laser Hair Removal Treatment, Skin may be sensitive for up to 24Hours. Minimise Sun exposure or heat to the Treated areas.
- Hair may grow backl at a slower rate, and may take up to 2 weeks to fall out or return thinner than usual. Patchiness of the Hair will occure.
- A minimum of 8-12 sessions is recommended of Laser Hair Removal for Hair reduction results. Depending on the area being treated.
- Treatments must be 4-5 weeks apart for most effective results.
- Hair must be shaved in the areas being treated within 12 hours prior to each Laser Ttreatment Appointment.
- Blond Hair and darker skin can be treated with our Laser Hair Removal System.
- Results will vary from person to person and no guarentees can be made as to the effectiveness of the Laser treatment.‚Äč
- Please speak to our friendly staff for any further information.

If you have any further concerns or queries about Laser / IPL Treatments, please do not hesitate to contact us on:
Mobile: 0412 168 444 (Text Only)