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*All 90 Min Facials include a Foot Ritual & Back Wecoming

- Hydramax Facial
Customised for dry and devitalised skin lacking moisture. Gentle exfoliation, restorative clays and nourishing oils high in essential fatty acids encourage increased hydrationby effectively restoring normal function to the skin. Harmonised with rose, jasmine, evening primrose and calendula. Skin will be supple with improved elasticity and moisture.
- Regenerative Pure C Facial
Ideal for restoring prematurely aging skin. Uspa's potent Pure C Complex Serum re-establishes the defenses in the skin to protect against environmental damage. Gentle exfoliation and therapeutic botanicals provide instant radiance, more even skin tone and provide elements for increased collagen production. Highly anti-inflammatory, Pure C allows a more youthful skin to emerge.
- Purifying Deep Cleaning Facial
Cleanse and detoxify congested or imbalanced skin. Purification begins with gentle willow bark extract exfoliation for the pores and deep cleansing mud therapy. Powerful plant extracts of birch, vetiver, burdock and juniper effectively balance excess oil production, reducing inflammation, congestion and break outs. Skinwill feel refreshed and nourished.
- Refining Fruit Acid Facial
For all skin types with sluggish skin and build up. Uspa's botanical fruit acid treatment effectively refines the surface of the skin allowing a more radiant complexion to emerge. Uspa's blend of fruit acid exfoliation form Switzerland provides maximum function of the skins systems, increasing hydration and gently reducing the appearance of fine lines, unevenness, age spots and roughness.
- Desensitising Facial
To calm and balance stressed skin conditions. Reduce redness and the signs of inflammation while building resistance to ongoing sensitivities. A return to babalnce results in soothed skinand capillaries and a reduction in symptoms for many inflammatory skin conditions. Rich in soothing Gotu Kola, Chamomile, Jojoba and Calendula plant extracts.
- Essential Focus Facial
Ideal for all skin types needing the benefits of a therapeutic facial. Incorporates powerful plant serums, mud therapies and essential oils to effectively address your most pressing skin concerns. Customised according to your professional consultation.
- Men's Moroccan Facial
A stress relieving Indian Head and Shoulder massage accompanies the facial designed specifically for men's skin. Sandalwood extract and soothing azulene provide the basis to balance and purify. Gentle exfoliation and purifying clays deep cleanse, while our unique blends of licorice root, horse chestnut and soothing oils balance towards less sensitivity. Argan Oil from Morocco provides hydration geared towards reducing the signs of environmental damage and aging. A holistic facial with scalp massage, foot rejuvenation and Balinese Body Palming to bring about total balance and wellbeing.
- Men's Moroccan Focus Facial
Ideal for all men's skin needing revitalising. With biotanicals selected specifically to combat damage and sensitivities in men's skin. Balancing, purifying and restorative. Customised according to your professional consultation.
- Back Rejuvenation
Gentle exfoliation with refreshing bamboo and ginseng followed by deep cleansing mud therapy and active botanicals to restore this neglected area to nourish and soften. Highly relaxing massage improves circulation and reduces stress, the back will be purified, smooth and hydrated.

- Bamboo and Ginseng Body Wrap
Reveal smooth skin with a potent infusion of revitalising Ginseng and Ginko blended with gentle exfoliating Bamboo beads. High in antioxidants and cellular regenerative properties, the refreshing scrub revitalises weary skin. Relax wrapped in warm natural cloth for a meditative face and scalp massage followed by Balinese Body Palming. Body hydration with Olive Leaf Extract and Lavender enhance elasticity in the skin reducing the signs of environmental damage.
- Coffee and Sea Kelp Contour Wrap
Rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, Coffee and Sea Kelp increase cellular metabolism and detoxification. Fine ground Pumice and Organic Coffee gently exfoliate the skin while grapefruit and vanilla uplift the senses. Followed with a specific body contour hydration to smooth the appearance of skin in challenging areas.
- Rejuvenating Mud Wrap
For all devitalised skin types, pure Clay brings truely detoxifying benefits from the earth. This exquisite Clay is a powerful blend with essential oils and a purifying herbal complex to ensure restoration to the systems of the skin. The mud blend is smoothed on to gently refine, soften and re-mineralise the body. Relax warmly cacooned in natural cloth while a meditative face massage restores balance inside and out. Followed with pure Tangering and Rose Body Hydration for ultimate softness.
- Hot Oil Elixir Infusion
A holistic body oiling utilising the power of pure plant essential oils to bring about wellbeing. Begin with a grounding foot bath and an Ayurvedic Sensory Journey to assist in intuitively selecting an essential oil blend that resonates to bring about balance. Following a therapeutic dry brushing, a warm customised oil blend is rhythmically smoothed into the skin. Wrapped for warmth in natural cloth, a meditativemassage for the face and scalp allow for deep relaxation. Jojoba and Camellia Oils with healing immortelle extract infuse the skin to soothe and repair tissues.
- Organic Coco Cream Wrap
Therapeutic dry brushing prepares the skin for a luxurious blend of warm Organic Coco Cream and Coconut Oil infused with Vanilla and Bergamot. Relax in a warm Wrap of natural cloth for an uplifting face and scalp massage with Sacred Tamanu Anointing Oil. After a Jasmine foot ritual (massage), the blend is further smoothed in to reveal highly nourished and protected skin.

Lash Lifting is a great alternative to Lash Extensions, giving your naturaleyelashes a longer looking appearance and with virtually no aftercare required.

A fast 20-30minute application adds volume & length and is a flexible Lash coating of Mascara that is smudge-proof, water-proof and specially formulated to hypoallergenic.