IMMERSION - USPA Body Treatments reflect authentic global inspiration for restoring balanceto the body,harmonising the inner & outter self. Each holistic treatment will sooth the skin, increase circulation, purify, hydrate and soften according to the nature of the ingredientsand intention.
Refreshing Botanical extracts provide the foundationfor all USPA therapies.
The staff at That Organic Salon are trained & experienced in the unique USPA Signiture Treatments.
Offering a wonderful expierence that will leave you feeling completely rejuvenated.

Using the hands as healing tools can be dated back over 15,000 years. Massage throughout South East Asia is seen as a way to aid the body to heal itself by eliminating toxinsand bringing about wellbeing. Massage is an integral part of our approach to inner and outer beautyand is seen by us as not only a form of relaxation, but a tool for healing.

Inspired by centries old tradition for healing in Indonesia, Balinese Massage provides a complete sensory experience by combining techniques of palming, kneading, stretching and pressure point massage to immurse the body in relaxation and a sense of wellbeing. Exotic aromas and nourishing oils leave you feeling calm and renewed.
Ninty Minutes Massage $120
Sixty Minutes Massage $80
Thirty Minutes Massage $45
Include Thermal Red Pepper Massage Oil +$10
- Worked into your problem areas for ongoing relief from soreness and stiffness. Aromatherapy +$15
- Include a sensory journey to select an essential oil blend utilised in your massage.

Our Vegan Facials* begin with a grounding Foot Ritual (Bath) followed by a relaxing warm oil infusion for the back. Science makes the most of highly energetic plant extracts in the form of essential oils, powerful cell therapies and restorative Clay blends, all customised to bring about balance. The journey of aromas is complemented with uplifting theraputic massage and lymphatic stretching. Balinese Body Palming creates synergy for this remarkable and holistic experience that transforms the look and feel of the skin.
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Hydramax Facial (90 Mins) $150
Regenerative Pure C Facial (90 Mins) $150
Purifying Deep Cleansing Facial (90 Mins) $150
Refining Fruit Acid Facial (90 Mins) $150
Desensitising Facial (90 Mins) $150
Essential Focus Facial (45/60 Mins) $90/$110
Men's Moroccan Facial (90 mins) $150
Men's Moroccan Focus Facial (45/60 Mins) $90/$110
Back Rejuenation (45/60 Mins) $90/$110
Express Vegan Facial (30/45 Mins) $50/$90
Inspired by authentic rituals, Uspa has created these experiences to bring out the ultimate in renewal for the skin, body and mind. A way to reconnect with what is important in your life.
Lu'lur Ceremony (2 Hrs) $329
Body Ritual Treatment (2 1/2Hrs) $389
Uspa Concept Rituals Descriptions
- Lu'lur Ceremony
Lu'lur offers an authentic island experience inspired by royalty. A Balinese influenced massage with exotic oils encourages wellbeing and prepares the skin for exfoliation with ground rice and purifying turmeric infused with jasmine and hibiscus. Choose a rich Organic Coco Cream or exotic Traditional Lu'lur Moisturiser for the body. Subtle balancing with Sacred Tamanu Anointing Oil with pure jasmine brings a natural glow to the face to complete the journey.
- Body Ritual Treatment
Combining the signiture elements that inspired the Uspa range... Begin with a Bamboo Body Polish to exfoliate and revitalise the skin. Followed with Uspa's Rejuvenating Mud Therapy Body Wrap to purify and restore the skin with herbal extracts and minerals. Relax wrapped in natural cloth for an Essential Facial and Balinese Body Palming. A one hour Full Body Massage follows for complete restoration.